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"I've always believed in love, even when I didn't."

The Unique Portrait of Espionage

Written By Lebo Poen

It’s not that politicians disagree

It’s that the main article is skewed

Is civilisation about dismantling old, traditional lifestyles?

Or proving how ruthless at the war in the mind others seem to be

The multifaceted concept of beauty offers perverts armoury

Not to defend what is sacred 

To the eye which beholds shapes and symmetry

The unique portrait of espionage 

Is buried in human anatomy

The understanding of anatomy 

Is key to the abuse of powers and medicines

Can we all then agree to disagree?

That there is nothing truer to man 

Than the sum of all his faults?

Nothing is as mysterious 

As the rising of the sun

The darkening of skin tones

How weak we all get 

When anything good is excessive

Oh for the poor mother 

Feeding her child at a street corner

Her man went to fight a senseless war she says

Her man? His woman? 

Their child? The country’s spy?

When the obsession of owning another person

Far outweighs the compassion 

You have for your own soul

You are no longer whole

One angel caused all tension among other angels

A Malawian missionary painted a picture of politics in heaven

How much influence is given to spies?

When they can either return with fact or fiction

These fallen angels wreaked havoc within this portrait of espionage 

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were unable to sing at Sing Sing

Convicted of espionage

Their fate decided by their commander

How many people have to die for the sin under their skin?

Though the commander’s skin is well-toned by the dark, angry night

Are Joshua and Caleb the only truthful spies to ever live?

Not believing they were set up for defeat

Fast-forward to today, 

Where human beings choose ill discipline as a form of a false report

Doing good works is setting me up for failure 

I’m inherently no good

Is it the main article that is skewed?

The unique portrait of espionage 

Can be redeemed by humanity 

Weak, discouraged and unwilling as any person may be

Jeremiah 32: 27, Genesis 18:14, Luke 1:37

Is there anything too difficult for God?

Pull it back to pay it forward

Look to your past and learn from it

Avoid the wilderness by being honest

Sing a new song 

Your victory ode: The beauty in my potential

Ah! extremists and their underlying, confusing motives

But the extremist is still human

Seeking some light for his soul

Knowing that to be uncivilized is to lack poetry

For poetry is traditional and emotional

Never mind, I mean deceiving

The CSI, Homeland security

The Domestic Branch of the State Security Agency,

The Foreign Branch of the State Security Agency

And Interpol have all tried and failed

Don’t attempt to track me down

You only want to control my mind

Leave me with the crumbs of my values

They mean more to me 

Than the nude canvas depicted as freedom in the new world

I’m only good for you but you’re no good to me

You turned me into the monster I appear to be

I am a unique portrait of espionage

You’ll find my new signature upon a new leaf 

This poem was also featured on artsagainstextremism.org 

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